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Community Projects 

We believe in the power of the arts as a healing tool. For the past 18 years, our team and collaborators have traveled and partnered with entities in the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. We share part of our creations and achievements in various communities. Now we are in Montclair, NJ, intending to create bridges between communities, artists, and organizations to create a better society through the arts. Connect to the power of the arts!

Creativity and Community

Creativity and Community is a program to bring students from the University of Florida to Puerto Rico to work closely with the Puerto Rican theatre company Y No Había Luz and the non-profit organization Arte y Maña. This program aims to discover how creativity can be a healing tool in communities. Participants have an inside look at the creative processes both companies use and the chance to experience practical aspects of art and theatre-making in community settings. A dynamic cultural exchange experience was also a vital part of this program.

Fiesta Centienla

The non-profit organization Arte y Maña and the Ana Dalila Burgos Ortiz Foundation joined forces to celebrate the art of community solidarity at the 2021 Centinela Party. They shared art and creative tools with the communities to promote social welfare. This has been an essential part of the mission of Arte y Maña, a non-profit entity that brings to life the strengths of creativity. For the Ana Dalila Burgos Ortiz Foundation, this event was an excellent opportunity to make visible an agroecological, educational, and community project which promotes the idea that "Love is the force that moves the world.

We are Community

AGUITA. Community work of workshops in different neighborhoods of San Juan, P.R.

The illustrated mangó Sentinel book

Based on a true story:
In the Caribbean Sea, there is a mystical island where curious beings called Zepherants live and are protected by a guardian tree. A powerful hurricane approaches and is determined to blow harder than ever. From the encounter between the tree and the winds, a surprising transformation arises. The Mango Tree Sentinel is a magical ecological story that inspires us to take care of our planet.

The Mango Tree Sentinel english Version - Etsy

Cardboard half masks, puppets, and toy theater. English instructions inside! Easy assembly.

Half Masks and Puppets on Cardboard includes 14 templates for you to color, cut out, and assemble masks to dramatize any story or theater play. This character series is designed for teachers or parents looking to develop art workshops with their students or children. It requires a simple list of materials you can find at any art store.

It also includes an illustration of a theater proscenium so you can use it as the setting for your stories. The characters you will find in this book, the Zephirants, are from the Puerto Rican tale The Mango Tree Sentinel.

Cardboard Half Masks Puppets and Toy Theater English - Etsy

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