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At CC, we provide tools to immerse yourself in creativity and explore new horizons. Our workshops, programs, and classes promote creativity, mental health, and explore current social issues.

Our Current Sessions: 

  • Sunny Spring Session: April 25- June 24, 2023.

  • Beautiful Fall: September 4- December 16, 2023.  (There will be no programs during Thanksgiving week)

  • Cold Cool Winter: January 9- March 30, 2024.



More classes, workshops, and events will be announced soon.
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Workshops this season


Kids - Teens- Young Adults

  • Build confidence and leadership.

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Increase social skills and connection.

During this program, participants will work to discover how creativity can help us grow. Participants will use physical theater, drawing, puppet making, and masks, among other things, to explore topics of mental health. Individuals will observe and learn creative processes, practical aspects of art, and theater-making. Each person will have the opportunity to develop skills that they can share, thus expanding personal benefit.

During the workshops

  • Techniques for the construction of puppets

  • Techniques of improvisation in theater arts.

  • The use of performing arts in any life setting.

  • The benefits of visualizing and drawing creative ideas and plans.

  • Theatrical exercises focused on:

    • Awakening the creativity of the participants

    • Strengthening their self-esteem

    • Working more effectively as a team and collectively.

  • Learn how the expressive arts improve mental health for the individual and community. 


Mental Health Piece:

  • Build confidence and leadership

  • Manage anxiety and depression

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Learn healthy coping skills

  • Increase social skills and connection



  • Days

    • Tuesday kids (elementary)

      • 4:00 pm -6:00 pm 

      • June 6,13,20 and 27

    • Teens Wed Time

      • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

      • June 7,14,21 and 28​

    • Young Adults

      • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

      • Thursday, June 8,15,22 and 29

  • Where? 

    • 356 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ

  • 2 hours for each workshop

  • All materials included

  • Limited space available / sign up now


Price: $280

Starting in June 2023 

puppet making classes

Puppets and Objects Creations

  • Creative Arts & Community

In this workshop, we use the arts and creative tools for creating community. We utilize the creative arts processes we have perfected during our 18 years of experience bringing arts to diverse communities.


You will learn to develop and express yourself through the arts with techniques you can use for your own social cause, and day-to-day life, along with building community.


Mental Health Piece:

  • Anxiety


  • The creation of puppets

  • Theatrical props

  • Participate with your creations in a parade inspired by the Caribbean Comparza, where narrative and theatrical elements are used.

Sessions for

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18

  • Middle School: 10-14

  • Children: 7 to 10

*Each time the workshop is offered, we will feature different creations and explorations.

Coming Soon 2023 

creative classes

Create  Masks, Small Puppets and Objects

  • Paper Mache Creations

This course explores paper mache's various possibilities and creates objects, fantastic elements and art. Every time the class is offered, you will have something new to create for yourself. Discover everything you can do and join this club that loves paper mache.


Mental Health Piece:

  • Manage Anxiety


  • Use of the paper mache

  • Creative ways to create art

  • Recycled materials

  • Theatrical elements, decorative art

  • Learn to relax and relieve stress through this art

Sessions for

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18

  • Middle School: 10-14

Coming Soon 2023 

Clown classes in New Jersey

Find and embrace your inner child

  • Theatrical Clown - Intro

This will be a journey into your soul. We use physical theater to explore possibilities, characters, and ourselves through the theatrical clown.
The performing arts provide techniques to face our everyday lives with more magic, intention, and resilience. Whether it is to have fun, discover yourself, or continue your path in the performing arts, you will find your most human side, deepening your being and expressing the authenticity that lives within you.

Mental Health Piece:

  • Explore your emotions and confront vulnerability.


  • Your inner clown

  • Character creation

  • The clown as a way of life

  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths on stage and in life

  • Creation of theatrical skits

  • Presentation of your creations

Sessions for

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18


Coming Soon 2023  

creative classes for the family

Communicate and express your emotions through the arts

  • Creativity: Our Universal Language

This workshop was originally a multilingual workshop presented at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. 

Mental Health Piece:

  • Explore your emotions and confront vulnerability


  • Explore how to access our creative state and how to use it to impact the world around us.

  • We will explore the basis of creative confidence and how it can be leveraged in our work, lives, and surroundings.

  • Focus on creative exercises that merge theatrical and visual arts practices through improvisation, encouraging participants to explore creativity as a mode of direct communication with others.

Sessions for:

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18

*Each time the course is offered, it will feature different creations and explorations.

Coming Soon 2023 

Sketching a Dress

Private Creative Sections

  • Creativity FOR ALL

This is a program catered to your liking. Choose from the semester's creative options that attract your attention and create a custom experience or allow us to suggest creative activities according to your needs.

Mental Health Piece:

  • We adapt according to your needs.


  • Creating a workshop just for your needs

  • You can combine elements of our programs to reach your goals

  • Get private or group sessions with our resources

Sessions for

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18

  • Middle School: 10-14

  • Children: 7 to 10

Starting in MAY 2023 


Explore your creative side and build community by creating
Big Theatrical Heads 


Have you ever taken a class for creative weirdos? No? Weirdos is an expression we may have heard a lot. How strange is X person because they like the arts?  Because they think outside the box and believe in what is in their unique mind and what their instinct dictates? You are not alone; in this place, we accept you! Our class explores ways to impact our community through the arts that characterizes us. Discover and open yourself to artistic expression like never before.


Mental Health Piece:

  • We adapt according to your needs.

This workshop explores:

  • Create characters that identify or move us and provoke emotions in us.

  • We rethink prejudices and free ourselves from what society says through the arts.

  • Street performances

  • From intuition to creation

  • Artistic Presentations

  • We take to the streets with our creations to show some creative pieces, creating and provoking a magical interest that invokes things like Wow, how cute, how original, how creative, how strange, what kind of weirdos?

Sessions for

  • Adults: 18+

  • Teens: 14 -18

Coming Soon 2023 

Woman’s Therapeutic  Art Group (2)_edited.jpg

Woman's Therapeutic Art Group

  • Make Art, Have fun, and Create Community


Therapeutic art group for women and female-identifying individuals aged 18 and up. This is a place to find a deeper connection with the community and explore art-making and creativity to enhance well-being.  After a few isolative pandemic years, we all need to get together in person, have fun and reconnect.

Coming Soon 2023 

Art Class

Art Therapy

  • Rebecca Dennis, LPC, ATR-BC, LCADC

We have a mental health professional on our team who is open to receiving you and working using the power of the arts to transform, connect and heal. Rebecca provides a range of psychotherapy services depending on individual needs. Incorporating evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) into psychotherapy sessions can often be the key ingredient to allow for meaningful change.​  We use both the expressive arts and traditional talk therapy during the session.  Whether it is trauma treatment, addictions, anxiety treatment or simply wanting to find more meaning Rebecca will work with you and create a personal plan of treatment. 

Coming Soon... 


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