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Creative classes


Here we focus on experimenting with the power of the arts and their ways of manifesting themselves in humanity. The mixture of creative and expressive elements can generate an artistically explosive result. We invite you to investigate the power of the arts with us and become part of our creations. In our artistic laboratory, you can be part of or enjoy the following:


 Theater group

The name says it all! We create and question how the arts can transform our day to day lives through artistic presentations, interventions, or simple expressions that generate emotional change. We are weirdos of the arts, and with much passion, we recruit those who want to be part of this group.


  • Artistic Presentations: Clown, sketches from a human and rare point of view. We see life differently and embrace each situation, no matter what it is, because we are weird.


  • We take to the streets with our creations to show some creative pieces, creating and provoking a magical interest that causes the audience: Wow, how cute, how original, how creative, how strange, what a weirdos!

  • Parades: Have you ever seen a group of rare people who enjoy life to the fullest and bring joy and happiness? If that's the kind of energy you want, you are in the right place!

  • Visits: Depending on the occasion, we visit schools, communities, theaters, and other areas to take our rarity to places where the power of the arts is needed most to engage the audience.

Auditions will be announced soon. 

Be part of the Weirdos class here

Presentation space

Intimo is a presentation space that connects the community through various forms of expression. All creatives from emerging to established artists are invited to participate to the delight of all. In addition, the intimacy of the space and the presentations add an element of closeness, connecting creativity to experience. 


  • Music

  • Spoken word

  • Sketches

  • Theatrical clown

  • Exhibitions

  • Poetry

  • Discussion forums

Presentations will take place in Montclair New Jersey

Female Dancer
clown class


We discuss the power of the arts in its various expressive variants. Our creative guests answer the questions: how, when, and where have the arts generated change? All this with a strange seasoning but fun and full of love.

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